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Holiday Home Decor

December 10, 2019

I started decorating right before Thanksgiving this year since my due date is coming up. I didn't want to feel rushed getting everything done. Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year - it makes me so happy to have the house decorated and holiday music playing. There is just something so magical about the holiday season, and I really love to have it last as long as possible!!

I received a bunch of questions asking where some of the holiday decorations and some of our everyday home decor were from so I'm linking as much as I can below. A lot of the decorations I have collected over the years and then add new things each season. I hope you all have an amazing holiday season!!



Tree and Vase linked below. Poufs from Nordstrom no longer available, Similar item below. Dining Room Side bar cabinet from Home Goods, Similar item linked below.

We always have a living room tree and Nico has he's own little tree, usually in his room. Nico's tree is decorated with all the ornaments he's made through the years, special ones he has picked out and ones people have bought him. This year, we are in our new home and wanted to get a tall flocked tree, and I wanted to do something super fun! We picked up this 9 ft tree from Target and put it in our dining room. Nico and I went to Michaels and picked out a bunch of cute ornaments and garland to decorate it with. He loved the donut so we used that for the topper.

Mirrors From Home Sense, similar style linked below. Entryway dresser was found at an Antique Flea Market and my aunt and I refurbished it and added new knobs.

For our entryway, I lined our banister with faux garland and added silvery glitter sprigs throughout. I also added champagne and blush pink bows along certain parts of the railing. Ribbon and garland from Michaels.

Rug, pillows, end table, TV stand all linked below. In our living Room, we have a real tree. The smell is just amazing, and there is something just so nostalgic about a fresh tree! Stockings are from Home Goods, similar style below.

Kitchen Table, ceiling light, chairs and rug and back of chair decor linked below. Chairs are from At Home and Home Goods, similar items linked. Ceiling light is from Ballards, Similar style below.

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