Beauty Ways to Keep Your Boobs Looking Perky


3 Ways to Keep Your Boobs Looking Perky

Some women are born with naturally perky boobs; some of us aren’t so lucky and are totally envious. With super low cut dresses and tops being all the rage, I decided to test out some of the trends in bras and makeshift cleavage. So if your boobies aren’t as high as they were when you were in your twenties, don’t fear!

Whether you’re trying to amp up the girls or create cleavage, we tested out three ways to keep the girls looking perky. We wanted to see what really worked. I am a size 34 C so results may be different based on size.

 Kim Kardashian Tape Trick

Now this does look a little scary, but I’m telling you it really does work. It may not be the most comfortable at first, but it’s not the first time us ladies have sacrificed beauty for pain. After I got used to the feeling of the tape on my skin, I forgot it was there. My boobs stayed in place even through dancing, and no Nip Slip worries. Also they looked really good!

Here’s the down fall. The first time I did this I used duct tape because the store was out of masking tape and it felt like I was ripping layers of my skin off not to mention my nipples when I took it off at the end of the night. I tried it out another night and used masking tape this time. This did not hurt nearly as bad, it took off a little of my spray tan though so it left my skin a little patchy. I would recommend this trick for sure, but it can be slightly painful taking it off.

I lifted by breast up where I wanted it to be, placed the tape over my shoulder creating a kind of strap and then under my boob. I only used one piece of tape for each boob. Just make sure the tape is long enough you can always tear some off. The tape went about an inch and a half under my boob.


Backless Sticky Bra

I tried the Fashion Forms Superlite Adhesive Bra in nude from Target. I bought it for around $20, it has a cloth like exterior, and is reusable. There are a few different versions of this bra, some made of a silicone material, and at different price points but since Target is so accessible, I figured I would go with this one. This bra is good for all those low cut and backless dresses and tops since it only covers the front and slightly on the sides. It created subtle cleavage but for me didn’t really lift them all that much. It stays in place well and doesn’t hurt coming off. I have used it about 5 times already and it is still sticky.

I bent over slightly and cupped one of my boobs pulling it up and towards my other boob, and placed the bra on. Then I did the same to the other side while holding the side that was done in place.


Oolala Magic Shaping Wings 

I have seen this bra a lot lately over social media. It is similar to the above style except it has an adjustable string in the middle which you tighten to add cleavage and lift up to 2 sizes. In all the videos I have seen, they add some major lift and I was super intrigued.

This bra seems to be more well made than the one above. It is thicker and super sticky. I tried it out with multiple tops, and this bra did not work well for me. The wings on the side did not conform to your boobs, more like they sat on top of them. You could also see the bra through the tops and bodysuits I tried it with. And you could see the lace up tie. The bra gave you more cleavage than the one above but definitely not up two cups sizes. I wouldn't recommend this particular one but would try a different brand before ruling this model out.


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