At Zuri, we offer two types of Affiliate Programs.  One of our goals at Zuri is to identify Retail Affiliates and work together with them to expand exposure to an untapped market for their business.

Another goal of Zuri is to connect and expand our business and other businesses through a mutually beneficial Referral Affiliate Program.


What kind of Zuri Affiliates are there?

A.  (RETAIL) If you have a retail store, customers may order your merchandise from our website resulting in a more profitable business for both parties.  We earn only a small commission for merchandise sold on our website while providing you with a more expansive marketing platform.

B.  (REFERRAL) If you are in the special events and wedding industry, in return for referring your clients to us, your business/company will be promoted by us, and you will earn a commission based on referrals at the same time.

How does being a Zuri Affiliate benefit me?

A.  As a Retail Affiliate, we connect shoppers with handpicked items from your boutique/shop by providing your company with an e-commerce solution that allows you to compete on a broader level, promote your business at the same time, and increase your exposure.

B.  By combining our vast network of trendsetters and brands in the special events industry, we will keep our clients and yours beautiful and chic, informed, and always wanting more.  We will expand your exposure and offer another element to your clients while paying a commission.

What does Zuri’s customer base consist of?

Our market is based on women who crave fashion, beauty, and health as a lifestyle.  We connect brides and their bridal party to resources that will get them wedding day ready as well as provide all woman the tools to empower their everyday life.

How do I apply to be a Zuri Affiliate?

You may fill out the application provided or fill out the form offered on our website.  Please supply accurate and complete information.

How much is the commission paid to me?

A. Payment for Retail Affiliates will be discussed and customized to each Affiliate.

B.  Referral Affiliates will be compensated fifteen percent (15%) of the total cost of the referred event (net of any sales taxes).

When do I get paid?

A.  Our Retail Affiliates will be paid once a month.

B.   Commissions will be paid to Referral Affiliates fifteen (15) days after the completion of the event.

How do I track my merchandise and returns?

As a Retail Affiliate, you will be provided an Administrative Page on Zuri’s website to remove and add merchandise, as well as, to approve and reject returned merchandise.  You will be able to track and control your own merchandise since all retail will be shipped from your location.

How are shipping and monetary transactions handled for Retail Affiliates?

Shipping materials and labels will be provided to Retail Affiliates by us, with no cost to you.  All transactions and customer service inquires will also by handled by Zuri.

How does Zuri track Referral Affiliate leads?

There are two ways of tracking referred business to Zuri.  You may advertise with your Affiliate Link on your website using graphics and text links provided to you by us.  When a client from your website clicks the Affiliate Link, it will bring them to Zuri’s website, where this information is tracked.  If you choose not to use the Affiliate Link provided, you may have your client fill out the Bridal Inquiry or Special Event Inquiry Form provided on our website.  Your client should specify they were referred by you (Affiliate) in the area indicated Referred By.


Please fill out the following information.  Once we have received it, our team will get back to you as soon as possible.  If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Affiliate Application Form

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